EPFL and PSE - Inspiration for Romanian dignitaries - april 2004

EPFL et PSE - Sources d'inspiration pour les dignitaires roumains - avril 2004

The Association “Swiss-East European Entrepreneurship Development”

    The purpose of this association is to promote the development of entrepreneurs in Eastern European countries, focused on Romania. Some directions followed by this association are:
promoting successful businessman in Romania and Switzerland as models;
organising courses on business management with teachers from Switzerland and Romania;
granting financial support and facilitating contracts between Romanian businessmen and Swiss investors;
assisting a Romanian-Swiss exchange of experience, ideas and social network.

    This association was created at the beginning of 2004 by Ms. Irina Condrea-Gaber, physicist at the Politechnical Institute of Lausanne (EPFL) and Mr. Mark Gaber, engineer at the Geneva Observatory.

    Several partnerships have been already set up with some Swiss organisations or programs such as: CREATE Switzerland, the program MoT of the EPFL and Club des femmes entrepreneurs. Other partnerships are being now discussed upon.

    „I started the SEEED Association soon after finishing a course on entrepreneurship offered by the CREATE Program at the EPFL. This course was very inspiring, motivating and highly professional. It taught me that an entrepreneur esprit can be learned, contrary to some spread idea that it is only a talent that belongs to some people. In Romania there are numerous students, PhD. Researchers or teaching assistants in technical institutes and universities. They have access to new sources of ideas but they do not know how these ideas should be transformed in competitive products. I learned in this course how to do things and where to find the appropriate information.

A course for entrepreneurs teaches how to find an opportunity, where to look for it, how to transform an idea into a product. The Director of the CREATE Program, member of the Advisory Board of SEEED, is a successful entrepreneur. Before leading the CREATE Program he set up several companies in the Internet field “.com”. I suggested him that we to forward what we learned in this course to Romanian students. He was impressed and as a consequence, he accepted to teach in Romania in the fall of 2004 a part of the course he taught here..

The members of our Advisory Board are:
Mr. Jean Micol, co-director of the program “Management of Technology (MoT)” at the EPFL;
Mr. Constantin Salameh, financial director of the BATA Company (a well known shoe manufacturer), ex-director at Hewlett Packard and professor at the CREATE Program; and
Mr. Henri Aubry, ex-director of the watch company Doxa, who loves Romania and is offering his strategy consulting.

    Supporting the SEEED mission can help young Romanians to set up productive companies in technical fields. Such companies can regenerate the economy because they produce something concretely. They can also reduce the unemployment and the migration of young Romanian graduate students outside their country. If you are interested to assist the revitalising of Romanian economy you could:
Become a member of this association (200 CHF /year). This membership will grant you the right to take part in the decision making process of the association, to participate at conferences and other events, to have access at the SEEED data base and social network in Switzerland and Romania; or
Make a donation; or
Offer your “pro bono” services. We need a creator/manager of a site web, a conference organiser and a fundraiser.

Irina Condrea-Gaber
Founder of SEEED“

Avenue Mon Repos 2
1005 Lausanne
phone 021 693 3555
Swiss Post account: 17-63484-7
E-mail and official site - soon

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