„We are searching kind and friendly persons, well-connected in the world of culture, to be more exact the ones who can release documents to the large public (from libraries, archives, etc. from public or religious institutions which have an romanian language area) concerning the political activity, anticommunism, educational, which are situated in Switzerland, Germany, and not only.

We try to offer a free album of documents, about 80 pages big (mostly copies of official documents), which presents a representative case of communist oppression like the one happened to the family of lawyer Vasile Georgescu Bârlad. This album contents proves of a merit, character and exceptional behavior that was inflexible to opportunism, dedicated to honesty. That is why he has attract a lot of suffer and political condemnation. These aspects were already included in a short presentation of their personality, published in the The Golden Book of Romanian Resistance against Communism by Cicerone Ioanitoiu, as well as on memorial boards installed in different places in the country.

This initiative belonging to the Vasile Georgescu Bârlad's family, to edit an album of documents just wants to be a short presentation of a strong selfhood. This will be made through reproduction of official documents, edicts, sentences, correspondence, etc. From this, you will be able to see the merits, character and the illustrious behavior of the people who perished as well as the motives of their suffering and political condamnation.

I think that this action it's worth being supported by everybody who whant to help this people to heal the deep wounds left by the communists. You can do that by sending us the necessary informations about libraries, archives, etc, where such a work will be well seen and put to value.“

Please address this information to:

Mr. Dragos Georgescu
6525, Wilderton Ave, #801
Montréal, Québec. H3S 2L4
Tel : (514) 731-1911
Fax : (514) 731-0802

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