Who are we and what we would like to do
At the beginning (February 2003) there was the discussions group, a premiere for the Romanians living in Switzerland. The idea was good and a different forum, more personal, direct, opened and straight replaced the dozens of forums that didn't represent anything for the Romanian living in Switzerland. Our living experience is going to be useful for you !

Once we started „e-knowing“ each other, the meetings of the group followed.

This is how the House of Romanians in Switzerland was born.

Then we launched the Online Poll for the Romanian living in Switzerland (in Romanian language).

We want to show the Romanians presence in Switzerland, to present the people that made something, no matter if in culture, religion, medicine, teaching, architecture, business and so on. There are great people living here, undiscovered. They will be known worldwide, through us.

Everyone who believes that can help with improving the contents and quality of this site is more than welcome to contact us. You can write a material, or you can insert a new section on this portal; prepare the material and send it to us. Your name will be published in our collaborators section and we are sure you'll benefit of the appreciation of our readers! Sponsorships are not accepted for publishing materials on this portal !

The people working on this web-site thank you for the suggestions !

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