European Citizen Magazine is an intercultural project towards European Integration dedicated to the new emerging entity called „the European citizen”.

The founder of the magazine and the author of this initiative is Professor Dr. Ioan Corbu.

„We can speak of a new entity, the European Citizen. Europeea unconditionally serves him/her. Europeea is an integrated project that brings in this electronic agora the worries and the problems of this citizen, its wishes, the desire to know and the will to cooperate as well as everything else that might of his/her interest, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

The main approach of these interests regard culture, arts, literature, politics, economics and also society. Personalities of the cultural, artistic, politic, economic life from all corners of Europe will be together with the common European Citizen, the producers and the beneficiaries of this publication. Starting with the pilot number, a series of personalities representing honoured members of the magazine expressed their commitment towards the project.”

Whoever wants to become a correspondent for Switzerland (as for starting a local branch) can contact Mr. Corbu by e-mail or through us.

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