The Romanian Home
A Romanian language magazine published every semester and that aims to be the link page between Romanians in Switzerland.

Wines from Romania
Romanian Wines Group, Lausanne
Finecom Dragomirescu, Montpreveyres

Romania Network
Romania Network is a Swiss association, no lucratif purpose, founded in Lausanne. Its purpose is to sustain the initiatives for economical development of Romania, to create a network of people interested in these initiatives and to distribute useful cultural and economical informations about Romania.

Operation Villages Roumains
The project started in 1989, willing to help the villages threatened by Ceausescu's system. The site presents the cooperation between Romanian and Swiss villages, o a history of the project and not only.

Vully - Roumanie
An example of the project above, 2 villages from the 2 countries.

Swiss humanitarian association for abandoned Romanian children.

Open House / Projekt Atila
Is a Swiss project dedicated to the Targu-Mures (Romania) street kids. Organisers: ICA (International Christian Aid). Details. The creations of the children can be bought online !

Foundation CopiiiRO
Is a Swiss project dedicated to the Bukarest street kids. More than 150 passionate people take part in this humanitarian initiative.

Rumänien Direkthilfe
Is a Swiss complex aid project oriented to the nort-eastern part of Romania.

Rumänisch-schweizerisches Hilfswerk
Is a project regarding the street kids in Bucharest.

Help for the Children and Elderly in Romania
Is a Swiss foundation with projects in Turda

Romanian people for people
Doctors, lawyers, architects, electricians, real-estate agents, teachers, etc, etc.

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