Lucian Popescu

The Painter Lucian Popescu was born on 17 October 1936 in Unirea Village, Calarasi County, Romania. He started his studies at the Calarasi High School, continued at the „Mihai Viteazul“ High School in Bucharest and graduated in 1954 the „I. L. Caragiale” High School, in Bucharest.

His talent was first noticed during his early years of school by his teacher, Theodor Romanati, who disclosed him the first secrets of painting. In 1953, while in school, he won the first prize in a regional contest for painting. In 1961, he won a drawing contest organised by the Romanian cartoon studio, „Studioul Anima-Film Bucharest” under the direction of Ion Popescu Gopo. At this studio he specialised in cartoon techniques, perspectives and graphics, in order to become a cartoonist.

His activity included technical graphics, architectural projects, he collaborated with graphics at the Romanian specialised magazine „Celuloza si Hartie“ RECOM (advertisement magazine) and together with his uncle, the graphic artist Gheorghe Popescu, at the printing house „Editura Agro-Silvica”.

Since 1974, Lucian Popescu lives in Switzerland together with his family. He has been working as graphic artist for the ABB Company until 1996, when he retired. Currently he lives in Nussbaumen and is very active within the Romanian cultural circles. He is one of the people behind Romanian Club Baden.

In 2000, Lucian Popescu represented Switzerland with two works (of a total of 5 for each country) at the „Art exhibition of the millennium” organised in New York at the UN headquarters to support UNICEF. Regarding his painting „Spring in Wallis-Stalden”, one of the two paintings exhibited in New York, he once wrote „This painting reveals the freshness of the atmosphere and the light in the wood structure which interested me. I tried to balance green and brown as well as the whole construction and its perspective. I came in Switzerland in 1974 as a political refugee and through my work I wanted to do something for my adopting land and for all the years spent here”.

Reproductions of these works were used in calendars, telephone cards and business brochures. The attached list of exhibitions can be a proof for the talent of Lucian Popescu as a painter.

His interest for details and colour can be noticed in the following sets of reproductions, which represent just a small part of his whole work. The sets were arbitrarily composed. Certainly, such reproductions do not reach the quality of the originals.

Set 1 (9 paintings)
Set 2 (9 paintings)
Set 3 (8 paintings)

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