What does one need to know before entering Switzerland

Romanian citizens travelling in Switzerland need a visa. This visa is issued by the Swiss Embassy in Bucharest the next day after the request was made, or by other diplomatic or consular offices in the country where the Romanian citizen has his residence. The fee for a tourist visa (maximum 90 days) is CHF 40 for adults and CHF 20 for people under 18; one can pay in lei (ROL) according to the official daily rate. More informations.

When entering or leaving Switzerland, foreign citizens are not obliged to declare the amount of money they carry and have no banking or financial restrictions

Crossing the border in places designated only to neighbouring countries is considered illegal and sanctioned accordingly.

There is no insurance agreement between Romania and Switzerland, regarding gratuitous medical treatment in case of accidents or medical emergency.

Other information
During the visit in Switzerland one may not work. People coming for study, may receive a right to work part time, according to their visit permit.
Keeping white weapons like knifes with a blade longer than 15 cm, metal bars, sticks other than walking support, (even in the car) is sanctioned with a criminal fee.

In Switzerland one may drive with the Romanian driving licence, the car documents and the insurance green card valid for Switzerland. The car must display an identification sign of the country (RO).
The maximum legal speed - on the highway 120 km/hour, national road 80 km/hour, city 50 km/hour.
The maximum percentage of alcohol in the blood: 0,05%.
The safety belt is obligatory for people travelling in the front of the car. Children under 7 are not allowed in the front of the car.
One must have in the car: the medical set, the reflecting triangle and reserve light bulbs.
When entering Switzerland one must buy the official sticker, which allows travelling on all types of roads including highways. The sticker is valid one year and costs CHF 40.
Parking places marked with different colours have specific meanings. The blue parking places allow parking for 1,5 hours and between 18.00 and 8.00. The white ones must be paid at the parking meter; the ticket must be placed well visible in front of the car. One may not park on yellow marked places or in places that have no mark at all. In such cases the police will take the car and charge a fee and transportation costs which are extremely high.
Motor bikers are obliged to wear the helmet.

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