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    The painter Carmen Bira
    The writer Catalin Dorian Florescu
    The soprano Elena Mosuc
    The painter Lucian Popescu

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Romanian organizations:
    Romanian Cultural Center in Neuchâtel
    The Association “Swiss-East European Entrepreneurship Development”
    “RO-CHance”, a platform for Romanian competence in Switzerland

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    Authorized translations from and into Romanian language
    Customs regulations when entering Switzerland
    Online shops in Romania and Switzerland
    Romanian food in Switzerland

Romanian Diaspora in other countries
Document album by Dragos Georgescu
Interview with the Romica Enoiu, Romanian priest in Zürich
Interview with Catalin Dorian Florescu, Romanian writer in Zürich
What to do in Switzerland
Rosemarie Huggenberger
Petition for Mr. Gheorghe Benga
Interview with the psychiatrist Elisa Kaufmann
European Citizen Magazine

News 2003
    The painting exhibition of Mariana Ioanitescu

News 2004
    Andrei Plesu speaks at "Die europäische Erweiterung Einige östliche Neurosen"
    New Romanian orthodox community in Chur
    Event about investment opportunities in Romania, Geneve
    The Romanian Radio Children Choir Tour in Switzerland
    Celebration of the official protectors of the Zürich city
    Painting exhibition of Rosemarie Huggenberger
    Romanian – Swiss Cultural Afternoon
    Romanian Evening organized by The Friendship Association Nendaz-Gherla
    National Theatre of Craiova performs in Fribourg

News 2005
    Anyversary of “For the abandoned children” society
    Cultural rendez-vous with Miruna Coca-Cozma
    Exhibition of the Romanian painter Gheorghe Ciobanu
    Concert of "Noroc" orchestra in Switzerland
    Exhibition Devis Grebu in Lausanne
    The train station of Miruna Coca-Cozma
    Interview with Mr. Stefan Racovitza, editor in chief of "Romanian Home" in Geneve
    Romanians' week in Hamilton, Canada
    Romanian wines at Wine celebration in Crissier
    Presentation of a bilingual German-Romanian volume of poetry
    "The Romania’s Days" in Lucerne

News 2006
    Tradition of "Martisor" - a celebration far away from Romania
    Polenta? Nein, danke! Mamaliga? Yes, please! Womens' Day in Lucerne

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