Switzerland HQ
Useful information for foreigners living in Switzerland. Details

Whatever is your nationality, wherever you want to go in the world - you will find if you need visa. A very useful website, property of the Romanian Price Stefan Sturdza, Honorary Counselor of Romania in Switzerland. Details

Romanian Portals
A selection of the most important online information. Details

Online Romanian and Swiss stores
Internet buyouts are a cheap alternative especially for electronics. Details

Romania - Switzerland and back
Visa, online visa application, transport. Details

Jobs in Switzerland
If you want to work here for the first time, or you want to start here, you can start searching now. Details

The Private Property Comittee (CPP)
It's a volunteer organisation established in 1997 with the goal of helping and coordinate the efforts of the Romanians that try to regain the properties illegally confiscated by the ex-Communist regime. Details

Foreigners about Romania
Liz Mellish and Nick Green about their passion for Romania. Details

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