Until 7th November, in „Villa Liebegg-Kulturzentrum“ in the centre of Männedorf Village, Canton Zürich, one can enjoy the exhibition of the Swiss amateur painter Rosemarie Huggenberger. She was born in Romania and lived as a child in Sibiu with her Swiss family. Her father built and managed a factory nearby that city.

Presently Rosemarie Huggenberger is pensioner. Among many activities in which she is engaged, she contributed substantially to the foundation and running of an orphanage in Panatau Village, Buzau County, Romania. One series of the paintings in the exhibition are being sold with the mention that the founds will be used to support the orphanage. With the same purpose the author is providing numerous hand painted cards.

The works of Rosemarie Huggenberger are exclusively abstract. Explosions of colours and energy, they inspire force, optimism and a joy of living whose secret should be unveiled to the whole world.
Just go, visit and you will be convinced.

Alina Mondini, Zürich

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