The Friendship Association Nendaz-Gherla celebrates 10 years of existence by organising a Romanian week. A 65 persons delegation from Gherla was invited to join the celebration.

The Friendship Association has the pleasure to invite you for a Romanian Evening Friday the 20th of August in Salle de la Biolette à Basse-Nendaz.


„A worry, a thought“, 1 act play written by Adrian Rachieru and staged by Roland Vouilloz.
„This show brings on the stage two flowers: a Romanian and a Swiss one. The flowers talk, sing, and share their thoughts in the air. The air has no borders; in the air we breathe here the scent of a Romanian flower can be tasted. The flowers symbolise the fragility of the world we're living in, reminding us the essential values of life. Sit for a moment in the garden, watch and listen...“ (Adrian Rachieru)

Duo Imagia concert - Cédric Monnin (panflute) and James Juan (piano)

Romanian wines tasting

Painting exhibition
Mrs.'s Heymoz work will be exposed. Mrs. Heymoz is a Romanian origin painter living in Switzerland.

Entrance fee: 10 CHF

Reaching Basse-Nendaz: exit the highway at Sion, direction Nendaz, climb towards Salins - Baar - Brignon - Beuson; in Basse-Nendaz follow the „Salle de la Biolette“ panels.

Additional information and bookings:
Pascal Praz
Le Creux
1996 Basse-Nendaz
Tel: 027 288 22 43, fax 027 288 22 84

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