The Romanian Cultural Centre of Neuchâtel organizes on Sunday, 11th of September, from 11.30 o'clock, a picnic at Cernier, about 10 minutes from Neuchâtel. Map

Please bring your own food and dishes. Drinks can be bought , at a small price, from the stand organized by CCRN with this purpose.

If you want to participate at the picnic please fill out the subscription form, print it out and send it by post or by fax until 8th of September. The postal address and the fax number are in the form.

The picnic will be followed, starting at 14:30, by a cultural meeting with Miruna Coca-Cozma.

In this meeting, the book "Ma gare à moi" will be presented, a reading with original texts, followed by a wine testing proposed by CCRN. After the reading, from 15:30 o'clock , you will be able to buy the book with the author's autograph.

So that everybody enjoys Miruna Coca-Cozma's visit , the parents that will stay at the cultural meeting, please do everything you can to ensure the quiet during the reading.

The participation at the picnic and the book presentation can be only attended with subscribing, filling and sending the subscription form, by post or by fax, at the indicated co-ordinates in the form.

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Translation: Anita Rüdisühli, Aargau

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