In a little while, The Cultural Romanian Centre from Neuchâtel will celebrate 3 years of existence.

The anniversary concurs with the exhibition of the Romanian painter Gheorghe Ciobanu, which you might have had the pleasure to know in 2003. Mr. Ciobanu will be the guest of honor of The Botany Garden of the University and of the Neuchâtel city that organizes the traditional Fête de printemps in an extraordinary arrangement.

The painting and naive sculpture exhibition Gheorghe Ciobanu will take place on Sunday, 22nd of May, at 11:00 o’clock and will be followed by a delicious salad and “mititei” snack bar. An afternoon full of music and surprises will follow.

With this opportunity, CCRN will organize an information stand where you can find touristic prospects and from where you can buy decorated eggs.

Translation: Anita Rüdisühli, Aargau

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