Orchestra Noroc

The orchestra Noroc will also perform the following concerts in Switzerland:

Friday 11th of March 2005, at 20:00
The Corgemont Hall

Tuesday 15th of March 2005, at 20:00
The Musical Boxes Museum’s Hall from St. Croix

Thursday 17th of March 2005, at 20:00
Le Carré Noir Hall
Rue Haute 11, Bienne
Tickets on: 032 322 6979

Saturday 19th of March 2005, at 18:00
The Parochial Room from Bole-NE
Collection in favor of the Romanian village Fundoala-Larga

Noroc - the Romanian-Swiss orchestra of Romanian folklore.

After the remarkable performances at Olympia Hall in Paris, at Victoria Hall in Geneva and the various tours made abroad, we are very pleased by the comeback in Switzerland of the 5 artists.

Always imposing, surprising in performing music of a complex harmony, the Romanian artists and the Swiss panpipe singer Cédric Monnin offer you an unforgettable night.

The orchestra Noroc will carry you on a musical journey through the most beautiful regions of Romania, the sweet Transilvania, the cheerful Oltenia and all the whistles that invite you to dance

The violin with its overwhelming sound, the mysterious dulcimer, the clarinet, the saxophone, the double bass and the panpipe merge the colours translating their feelings in music. Passionate surrounding, fast rhythms or deep melancholy, a concert simply magic that you shouldn’t miss! The 5 artists propose you a musical trip through Romania, and we can only let ourselves be guided.

The Romanian traditional music orchestra Noroc is formed by professional artists, very appreciated in Romania and foreign countries. They had many international tours, they recorded more records and with their music they participate in saving and maintaining the Romanian cultural patrimony, so rich but so fragile in our days.

You will listen to:

Dan Ionescu on clarinet, the saxophone and the pipes have no secrets for him anymore;
Marian Alexandru on violin and violoncello. He is, as well, the conductor of an ensemble in Bucharest;
Dumitru Pandelescu on dulcimer;
Nechita Constantin on double bass.

These musicians perform together for many years; they know Switzerland very well and are delighted to come back in this country where they took part in memorable concerts, in 2003, in Victoria Hall, accompanying the famous panpipe singer Gheorghe Zamfir.

The Romanian musicians are tight by a long friendship with Cédric Monnin, a Swiss passionate by panpipe. Cédric plays the panpipe for more than 30 years being, as well, a panpipe teacher. He joins the orchestra during this tour.

The concert will take place on Sunday, 13th of March 2005, beginning at 17:30, in Vallier Room from Cressier
Entry ticket: 10 CHF

Translation: Anita Rüdisühli, Aargau

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