Accomodation, full pension and touristic program
full pension: CAD 20 per day
accommodation in trailer or tents (two persons): CAD 20 per day and person
visit to Niagara waterfall and Toronto: CAD 10 per person and trip (this includes the transport only)
banquet: CAD 40
entertainment: depending on the quests

Exchange rate (May 2005) CAD 1.60 = 1 Euro, CAD 1.20 = 1 USD

Note :
- For the persons who don’t prefer the accommodation on the Romanian Field as stated above, there is also a hotel or motel where the price is of about CAD 70 per night. We shall announce shortly the details for this type of accommodation.
- During the all period of “the Week of the Romanians” there will be other services available on the Romanian Field such as a bar;
- Please book in advance the trailers as the numbers of the available places are limited. There are more available places for the tents.

Draft of the program

Sunday, August 21:
The barbeque for the Romanian communities from Toronto, Hamilton and Kitchner
Religious ceremony with occasion of St. Mary Day at the Chappell from Romanian Field
Opening of exhibition dedicated to the mass-media from the Romanain diaspora

Monday, August 22:

Tuesday, August 23:

Wednesday, August 24:
Trip to Niagara Waterfall
The unveiling of the Mircea Eliade’s statue

Thursday, August 25:

Friday, August 26:
Trip to Toronto
Lunch at one Romanian restaurant

Saturday, August 27:
Closing banquet

The guests for conference:
Dinu Zamfirescu, The Institute for Romanian Exile Memory
Horia Roman Patavievici, the president of Romanian Cultural Institute

There will also be invited to expose their points of view, the representatives from governmental departments, who deal with the problems of Romanians from everywhere.

The reunion of Romanian emigration

Between 21-28 August 2005, in Hamilton (Ontario, Canada) at the Romanian Field, it will take place the first edition of “the Week of the Romanians”. The event is organized under the patronage of an Organization Committee whose members are personalities both from emigration and from Romania.

The reunion is organized by the Romanian Cultural Association from Hamilton together with the Cultural Foundation “Romanian Word” from Bucharest. The goal of reunion is the analysis of the relationship between emigration and Romanian authorities.

There were launched invitations for a dialogue on this topic to Romanian authorities, to the President Traian Basescu, to the Prime-Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu, to the president of Romanian Cultural Institute Mr. Horia Roman Patavievici and to the representatives of other institutions which deal with the relation with emigration.

The Romanian Field lies on special natural environment, with an area of 40 acres near by Hamilton, Ontario. There is the Cultural Center “Nae Ionescu”, the “St. Mary” Chappell, sports fields, pool as well as accommodation.

According to some researchers from Romania and Canada, the area were the Chappell lies has special bioenergetics’ properties – some people saying that it can be considered, from this point of view, the third center in the world.

The place for Chappell was chosen by the martyr bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese from Vatra (Michigan, USA), Valerian Trifa, who was the target of an compromising action initiated by the former security, based on the depositions done by its former general Ion Mihai Pacepa. Concomitantly, the famous artist Nicapetre made few sculptures of some important Romanian writers, among them Mihai Eminescu.

The goal of ACR Hamilton is that, soon, the Romanians Writers’ Alee will be completed with the statues of some Romanian writers from emigration. During the “Romanians Week”, there will be unveiled the Mircea Eliade’s statue, made also by Nicapetre.

We would like to mention that no funds from the Romanian authorities would be used for the organization of “the Week of the Romanians”. We don’t want at all that these manifestation to became like many ones which already took place, which finally were used in a political interest by the financers and which did not bring into discussions the real problems of the emigration.

“The Week of the Romanians” continue the tradition of almost 30 yearly editions of the “Romanian Fields Week”, organized yearly at Hamilton which represented for many years the starting point of the anticommunist manifestations from northern American continent. The opening of the reunion will take place on Sunday, August 21st, with the barbecue of the Romanian communities from Toronto, Hamilton and Kitchner, with the same occasion it will be celebrated the holyday of the St Mary Chappell on the Romanian Field by a religious ceremony with Romanian priests from Ontario region.

Mihaela Moisin,
The president of Romanian Cultural Association from Hamilton

Andrei Badin,
Executive secretary of Organization Committee Responsible with Communication Department

Organization Committee

Mihaela Moisin, the president of Romanian Cultural Association from Hamilton, Canada
George Balasu, manager of newspaper “The Romanian Word” /„Cuvantul Romanesc” from Hamilton, Canada
Nicapetre, painter, Toronto, Canada
Stefana Bianu, the president of Committee of Romanians of Everywhere, Paris, France
Aurel Sergiu Marinescu, writer, New York, USA
Dan Culcer, journalist „Asymetria”, Paris, Franta
Grigore Culian, publisher weekly „New York Magazin”, New York, USA
Elena Borca, the president of Association “The Fraternity”, Stockholm, Sweden
Valeriu Pavel, the president of Association “stefan cel Mare si Sfant”, Oslo, Norway
Radu Barbulescu, publisher magazine “ The Observer”, The Association of Romanian Writers, Munchen
Bogdan Ezechil, publisher “Romanian paper”, Oslo, Norway
Priest Dumitru Borca, Free Romanian Orthodox Church from Stockholm, Sweden
Mihai Maghiaru, the president of Romanians Association from Australia and publisher of “Informational Bulletin of Romanians from Australia”
Nicolae Dima, journalist, Washington D.C, USA
stefan Urîtu, the president of the Helsinki Committee, Chisinau, Republica Moldova
John Halmaghi, Journalist, Pittsburgh, USA
Lia Lungu, artist, New York, USA
James Milleew, manager, New York, USA
Adriana Hegbeli, journalist, New York, USA
Dumitru Rachitan, manager, Toronto, Canada
Priest Dumitru Ichim, Kitchner, Canada
Gabriel Avram, the vice-president of Romanians Association „Transilvania” from Spain, Madrid
Alexandru Tomescu, publisher „Alternativa”, Toronto, Canada
Sergiu Grossu, journalist, Paris, France
Alexandru Schaffer Garleanu, manager radio „Z” Nurenberg, Germany
Oleg Brega, Association „Hyde Park”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Raisa Padurean, executive director of the „Lucian Blaga” highschool , Tiraspol, Republic of Moldova
Doru Muntean, writer, Brasov, Romania
Nicoleta Ciachir, historian, Sofia, Bulgaria
stefan Racovitza, publisher „Caminul Romanesc” - Connecting link of the Romanians from Switzerland, Geneva
Nicolae Iliescu, professor Harvard University, USA
Sebastian Dorneanu, historian, Denver, USA
Lina Balasu, Hamilton, Canada
Alexandru Draghici, editor, Germania
George Mitin Variesescu, the president of Mihai Eminescu Society, editor of „Mihai Eminescu” and „Stories waggon” magazines, Sydney, Australia
Maria Arnautu, Hamilton, Canada
Andrei Muraru, historian, Iasi
Tudor Murgoci, Kitchner, Canada
Alexandru Muraru, political specialist , Iasi, Romania
Daniel Neamu journalist, Romania
Eugen Cojocaru, Community of the Romanians from Sttutgart, Germania
Elena Rachitan, Toronto, Canada
Constanta Danila, Hamilton, Canada
Sorin Cehan, publisher „Gazeta Romaneasca”, Rom, Italy
Elisabeta Moisin, Hamilton, Canada
Mariora Carlan Salvadeo, the president of Romanians Association from Milan, Italy
George Sava, publisher „Pagini Romanesti”, Montreal, Canada
Viorel Cucu Paltin, writer, Romania
Silviu Costache, Political Magazine, Bucharest, Romania
Catalin Floroiu, publisher „Actualitatea”, Toronto, Canada
Vasile Asceniuk, Hamilton, Canada
Aneta Tomescu, Toronto, Canada
George Donnison, Hamilton, Canada
Florin Sandulescu, Hamilton, Canada
Virgil and Dana Zamfir, Toronto, Canada
Amedeo Duta, Hamilton, Canada
Tudor Danila, Hamilton
Andrei Badin, journalist, Romania

Translation: Simona Diaconu, Pfäffikon SZ

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