Elena Draghicescu

Mrs. Elena Draghicescu, the initiator of the last year manifestation „Rumäniens Kultur ist bei uns zu Gast“ announces ”The Romania’s Days” which will take place in September this year in Lucerne.

At this year Women’s Day meeting, the participant ladies signed a letter to the president of Romania, letter through which he was invited to attend to this event. Mr. Basescu’s answer came promptly:

Bucharest, March 2005

In attention of Mrs. Draghicescu

Dear Mrs. Draghicescu,
Dear ladies,

I thank you, from my all heart, for your letter and let me wish you a lot of health, happiness and fulfillments in your private and professional life.

I am deeply touched by the beautiful words you addressed me and for the kind invitation you sent me. Unfortunately, due to my agenda already fixed for this period, I will not be able to come. I hope that the manifestation will have the deserved success and I am sure that the Romanian native ladies will dominate the evening through their presence of mind and their beauty.

Let be loved!

With highly consideration,

Traian Basescu
The President of Romania

”The Romania’s Days” will proceed on three levels. For few days there will take place meetings of Romanian and Swiss businessmen, these being organized with support of the Chamber of Commerce of the two countries. These meetings will be completed by a promotion of Romanian tourism, organized by The Ministry of Tourism from Romania which will set up an informational stand, folkloric concerts and places with Romanian handcrafts men who will prove, live, the talent and skills of Romanian folk artists.

In the background of these activities, there will take place, for 2-3 weeks, a Romanian cultural and gastronomical manifestation, following the example of one from the previous year. As a novelty, to last year, the Romanian wine producers announced their attendance in this year, who will exhibit their products and supply the event with Romanian wines.

During these weeks, there will be finalized the details of this autumn manifestation. We shall keep you informed.

Translation: Simona Diaconu, Pfäffikon SZ

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