Vizită la Google Zurich

Vizită la Google Zurich

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Actualizare: 8 Martie 2011: 



Google Switzerland GmbH

Brandschenkestrasse 110

8002 Zürich



10 Arrival at Google Zurich: sign-in / badges, coffee & croissants

10.30 General Tech Talk: “Fascination Internet And Inside Look At Google”, Pascal Fleury

11.15 Specific Tech Talk about a Google Zurich Project: “Google Transit”, Veselin Raychev 

12:00 Break / Drinks (15 mins) 

12:15 Specific Tech Talk about a Google Zurich Project: "The Learning Behind Gmail Priority Inbox"  Andrew Moedinger

13:00 Google as a place to work & open positions, Beate List

13.15 Q&A with Engineers (EPFL Alums)

2 Lunch with Engineers (EPFL Alums)

2.45 Office tours

3.30 End



Actualizare: 7 Martie 2011: Din lipsă de timp trimit același mesaj pe care l-am trimis către toți cei înscriși până acum. 



Hello everybody,


Firstly, the visit at Google is intended (and most useful) for people in the IT sector, Bachelor, Master, PhD or 

graduates who would like to know more about Google opportunities.


Secondly, there are some persons who have not specified their e-mail address in the Doodle link! 

This is mandatory for receiving such notifications as well as obtaining the badge for the visit at Google. 

If you know who they are please inform them to send me an e-mail as soon as possible. 


Thirdly, the brief agenda contains talks, panels, career part (11.00-14.00). 

The following planning is most convenient for you all: 

Departure from Lausanne at 7.20 > arriving in Zurich HB at 9.28. 

For those of you coming from other locations let's meet at the Information Center in Zurich HB at 9.30, Friday 11th of March. 

From there we will go together to Google arriving at around 10.00. 

Given the administrative details (badges, etc.) we expect to be ready and have the session started at 10.30. 

We will finish at around 15.30-16.00. 


If you have any questions please write me an e-mail at


Personally I will be in Zurich from Thursday evening so it is your own responsibility to arrange your 

travelling so that you will arrive in time (individually or in groups). 


For urgent matters my phone number is: 0762 695 431. 


See you all on Friday morning,







Ești invitat pentru o vizită la sediul central al Google din Europa pe data de 11 Martie 2011


Cel mai probabil vom pleca din Lausanne la ~8:00 și vom ajunge la Google la ~ 10:30, fiind primiți până la 16:00. Între timp vom mânca acolo (13:30-14:00). Agenda completă va fi gata curând.



Înscrierile se fac la: până pe data de 8 martie 2011, ora 23.59.


Nu uita să treci Nume Prenume Adresa-Email în Doodle!


George Popescu, Lausanne

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